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Welcome to Hyperwave Information Server. In the Hyperwave User's Guide, you will be presented with a general introduction to Hyperwave Information Server's functions and features. You will learn how to publish and edit documents on Hyperwave Information Server, and how to use the server's collaborative authoring features.

The first thing you will find in the Hyperwave User's Guide is a listing of all icons used in the Hyperwave Information Server interface, and in Hyperwave Virtual Folders. This quick reference guide will allow you to tell at a glance what type of document you are viewing on the Hyperwave Information Server, and what actions you can perform on it.

Chapter 1 of the Hyperwave User's Guide gives you a brief introduction to the structure of Hyperwave Information Server. This chapter will give you, the new user, an idea of what you can expect to achieve with the server, and will explain to you how Hyperwave Information Server simplifies your information management tasks.

Chapter 2 of the Hyperwave User's Guide describes all aspects of browsing and authoring with Hyperwave Information Server. It tells you how to upload documents using Web browsers such as Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer and how to use the various Hyperwave Information Server collaborative authoring features. Chapter 2 also details the Hyperwave Information Server search facilities, and explains basic user administration features, such as setting your own preferences. Chapter 2 is organized to correspond to the interface, going through each menu step-by-step. After reading Chapter 2, you will be able to publish and manage documents on the Hyperwave Information Server without any in-depth knowledge of HTML.

Chapter 3 describes the client add-ons that you can use together with the Hyperwave Information Server for even more efficient information management. You will learn how to use the Hyperwave Publishing Wizard to upload entire collections of documents, how to use Hyperwave Virtual Folders (or Hyperwave Explorer for UNIX platforms) to manage documents on Hyperwave Information Server, and how Open Document Management API (ODMA) interface and Hyperwave Office Extensions can help you edit documents on the server with more ease.

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